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MyMoneyGoblin.com – is an authoritative sweepstakes blog.

We dedicated to providing the best instant win and cash sweepstakes to our readers.

You can also submit your sweepstakes to MyMoneyGoblin for cost-effective exposure.

We like money, fun, and a stress-free life… besides sweepstakes we also like to work out, invest in baseball cards, hang out with friends and family… oh and travel!
We strive to give the people what they need and attempt to focus on cash or instant win sweepstakes.

MyMoneyGoblin Sweepstakes Rates

  • Guaranteed Listing $25
  • Guaranteed Listing with Facebook Post $50 (We have more than 10,000 (REAL) Facebook followers)
  • Guaranteed Listing with Homepage Exposure $100

The Guaranteed Listing with Homepage Exposure means your sweepstakes will be shown on the MyMoneyGoblin.com homepage for a minimum of 1 week.

Submitting a Sweepstakes with MyMoneyGoblin is a cost-effective way to increase your sweepstakes promotional awareness.

Besides writing about sweepstakes we also like to play/watch sports, work out, travel. run, buy and sell stocks!

Meet The MyMoneyGoblin Team

Tommy Valmeyer MyMoneyGoblin
Tommy Valmeyer – CEO
Ken Griffey Jr. – Director of Content


Maged Atef
Kumar L – Lead SEO Agent 


Jessica W. Graphic Design Lead
Jack W. – CFO and Co-Founder (aka King of Tricks)




Here are MyMoneyGoblin’s top 10 sweepstakes…

  1. WalgreensListens ($3,000 cash prize)
  2. Taco Bell Tell The Bell ($500 cash prize)
  3. PCH Sweepstakes (varies but usually a million for the prize patrol winner)
  4. KrogerFeedback (WIN $5,000 worth of Kroger Gifts Cards!)
  5. DGCustomerFirst (WIN a $100 Dollar General Gift Card)
  6. TalktoGiantFoods (WIN a $500 Giant Foods gift card)
  7. EWM Cares Survey £250 Sweepstakes
  8. CVS Health Survey (winner takes home $1,000 cash)
  9. Talk to Stop and Shop ($500 gift card prize)
  10. MyBkExperience (not a sweepstake but a FREE Whopper which is better in some peoples opinion!)

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