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Here are MyMoneyGoblin’s Top 10 Sweepstakes…

  1. WalgreensListens ($3,000 cash prize)
  2. Taco Bell Tell The Bell ($500 cash prize)
  3. PCH Sweepstakes (varies but usually a million for the prize patrol winner)
  4. KrogerFeedback (WIN $5,000 worth of Kroger Gifts Cards!)
  5. DGCustomerFirst (WIN a $100 Dollar General Gift Card)
  6. TalktoGiantFoods (WIN a $500 Giant Foods gift card)
  7. EWM Cares Survey £250 Sweepstakes
  8. CVS Health Survey (winner takes home $1,000 cash)
  9. Talk to Stop and Shop ($500 gift card prize)
  10. MyBkExperience (not a sweepstake but a FREE Whopper which is better in some peoples opinion!)


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