Win BajaFreshSurvey Redemption Code

Those who take the BajaFreshSurvey Customer satisfaction survey will be rewarded with a redemption code!  Please note this redemption code will not work as Taco Bell.


All feedback provided in the BajaFreshSurvey will be used to test the satisfaction or dissatisfaction of their customers.  Must be 18 years of age or older in order to earn the redemption.

The redemption code will be awarded as a thank you gift for taking the BajaFreshSurvey.

How to take the BajaFreshSurvey?

Simply visit and provide the the location number and the location using the menu list.  The customer wil then have to answer a few survey questions before earning the reward.

BajaFreshSurvey Survey Highlights

  • A worth while survey for those who frequent Baja Fresh on a regular basis
  • The exact coupon/reward provided via the redemption code is not know and may differ based on location
  • If you know what the redemption promotion is please leave it in the comments
  • The redemption code cannot be traded in for cash and only one redemption is allowed per visit

BajaFreshSurvey Verdict

It is 100% worth your time to take this survey due to the redemption reward.  The survey should only take aroud 5 minutes to complete and all feedback will be held confidential.

If you can’t stand the smell of Baja Fresh please check out one of the other customer survey promotions for a chance to win cash instead of a redemption coupon:

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