Claim Estimated $100 in Bank of Ozarks Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

Our goal at is to provide straight forward information in regards to settlement payouts.  We only provide the need to know details without all the other fluff.  We provide the direct link to the settlement claim form and specifically advise who is a class member.  If you know anyone who might qualify for a settlement pay out in regards to Walker, et al. v. Bank of the Ozarks, Inc. and Bank of the Ozark please share this link with them! 

A settlement has been announced in regards to the class action lawsuit that was filed against Bank of the Ozarks Inc. for collecting improper and excessive overdraft fees.  The settlement pool is listed as $2,750,000 and experts close to the case predict each class member who files a valid claim will receive around $100.

Claim Estimated $100 in Bank of Ozarks Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

Who is a class member?:  You are considered a class member if you had a Bank of the Ozarks account anytime between the dates of Dec. 4, 2006 to June 30, 2011 and were charged an overdraft fees on as a result of the bank’s practice of resequencing debit card transactions from the highest to lowest dollar amount.

Deadline to file a claim?: 11/29/2017

Where in the world is the claim form?

You can also download a copy of the Bank of the Ozarks Overdraft Fee settlement form here. and mail it to: Bank of the Ozarks Settlement, Claims Administrator, P.O. Box 4218, Portland, OR 97208-4218

Questions about the settlement payout?:

Phone: 1-800-690-7357 (claims administrator)


Class members lawyer: Allen Carney at (501) 312-8500

Ozark Overdraft Settlement Information

  • Robert Walker, et al. v. Bank of the Ozarks Inc., et al.,
  • Case No. 43CV-11-777
  • Pending in the Circuit Court of Lonoke County, Arkansas


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