$60M DomesticAirClass.com Class Action Lawsuit

The Domestic Air Class Action Lawsuit is pending in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia.


DomesticAirClass.com Settlement Notes

According to experts  following the case Southwest has paid $15 million and American has paid $45 million to settle the lawsuit in exchange for releases of claims against them.

It should be noted that both Southwest and American Airlines vehemently deny any actions of wrong doing but have agreed to settle in order to avoid further litigation.

The case revolves around claims that the named airline companies conspired to increase fares by limiting capacity on domestic flights which is in violation of US law.

Who is a class member in DomesticAirClass.com?

Any legal residents of the United States who purchased a Domestic Airline Ticket on American, Delta, Southwest, United, Continental, or US Airways Between July 1, 2011 and June 14, 2018 will want to keep track of this lawsuit.

Don’t Qualify For DomesticAirClass.com?

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Domestic Airlines Antitrust Litigation Dates to Remember

  • 1/4/2019: deadline to object or file an exclustion
  • Claim form deadline: Not available at this time

Please note the claim form has not been released in this case.

The best way to stay up to date with the Domestic Air Class Action Lawsuit is to file the Registration Form on their website to receive additional information about the litigation and the Settlements.

Domestic Airlines Settlements Highlights and Further Reading

  • Delta and United airlines have not agreed to settlement terms at this time
  • It is not known how much money any one class member will receive at this time
  • Class members are not required to attend the hearing in order to receive a future slice of the settlement pie

DomesticAirClass.com Contact Information

Class members looking to reach out via email or phone: info@DomesticAirClass.com or dial toll free 1-866-459-3634.

Class members who are over the hill and prefer good old fashion snail mail can write to: Domestic Air Settlements, P.O. Box 44, Minneapolis, MN 55440-0044.

Finally the Domestic Airlines Antitrust Litigation Settlement Website


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