File Claim Haynes Settlement Worth $11.5 Million Dollars (Chase Bank)

Chase Bank Credit Card Class Action Settlement

  • A class action lawsuit against Chase Bank has been settled for an amazing 11.5 million dollars!
  • is administered by Rust Consulting Inc.
  • Claim forms must be filed by 7/18/18 (the only way to get paid is to file a claim)
  • Class members who fail to file a claim will loose all rights under Rusty Haynes v. Chase Bank USA NA

The Chase Bank Credit Card Class Action Lawsuit is entitled Rusty Haynes v. Chase Bank USA NA, and is pending in review in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York.

Class members as defined in the Haynes Settlement FAQ:

“all individuals (i) who maintained a Credit Card Account with CBUSA; (ii) whose account CBUSA charged off and then sold to a Debt Buyer on or after January 1, 2008, and (iii) who post-sale sought and obtained a discharge of the debt as a result of his/her bankruptcy under Chapter 7 of the Bankruptcy Code, through and including the date of the Bankruptcy Court’s preliminary approval of the Settlement.”

How to file a claim? (two options depending on the type of claim)

  1. To electronically file a Distribution Claim, click here to begin
  2. To electronically file a Reimbursement Claim, click here to begin Lawsuit Notes

  • The lawsuit is filed under case number 18 CV 3307 (VB)
  • Class members who are not happy 🙁 with the proposed settlement can speak at the settlement fairness hearing on 8/20/18
  • Class members do not have to hire a lawyer as the court has assigned them the following law firms: BOIES SCHILLER FLEXNER LLP and CHARLES JUNTIKKA & ASSOCIATES
  • Class members can submit cancelled checks or account statements as proof of purchase
  • Class members who would like to opt out of Rusty Haynes v. Chase Bank USA NA have until 7/18/18 to do so
  • Walmart is not associated with this lawsuit

Haynes Settlement Lawsuit

Any questions in regards to can be directed to toll free 1-877-896-6933.  Class members looking to reach out via US Mail can write to: Haynes v. Chase Settlement Administrator, c/o Rust Consulting Inc., 6032 PO Box 44, Minneapolis, MN 55440-0044.


  3. Haynes Settlement FAQ

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