Free eos Lip Balm Special K Kellogg’s Family Rewards Promotion

Special K Free eos Lip Balm Promotion

  • Purchase two participating Special K products to earn one eos lip balm
  • This offer is part of the Kellogg’s Family Rewards program and will run until 9/1/18
  • Redeem promotional credits at -> Click “Offers” at the top of the page

The Special K Free eos Lip Balm promotion is a must have freebie for consumers with chapped lips.  Simply buy any combination of two (2) participating Kellogg’s Special K products between 3/1/18 and 9/1/18 in order to obtain this life changing freebie promotional offer.  Please note purchases can be made in multiple transactions.

Kellogg's Family Rewards

Special K Free eos Lip Balm Promotional Notes

  • Must be a KFR member in order to redeem the freebie offer
  • All receipts must be submitted by 10/1/18 in order to obtain the free lip balm
  • Please be sure to upload only one receipt at a time
  • Uploading directly to KFR will NOT give credit toward eos® lip balm. Receipts MUST besubmitted per instructions on the package

Follow these steps in order to upload a receipt and obtain the free eos Lip Balm


  1. Take a photo of your receipt using the camera on your mobile device | Photo must include the entire receipt from top to bottom, including all four corners | For longer receipts, take pictures in sections and submit all photos from one receipt in thesame email or text | Ensure the store name, date, bar code (if available), items and prices are legible in yourimage(s)
  2. Send: Attach the photo(s) from ONE receipt to an email and send to OR Attach the photo(s) from ONE receipt to a text message and send to short code 89332 with the message keyword EOSDETAILS FOR TEXTING YOUR RECEIPT1. In a new text message, enter the word EOS in the message field.2. In the To/Recipient field enter 89332.3. Tap the attachment icon (likely a paperclip or camera). Select the photo(s) from ONE receiptfrom your camera roll and add it to your text message. (For longer receipts, you can send up tofive images per text to show your entire receipt.)4. Hit Send. Message and data rates may apply

Please note in order to join the Kellogg’s Family Reward program the user must be 13 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.



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