Get $10 Credit at Amazon When Changing 1-Click Settings To Discover Credit Card

Amazon Change 1-Click Settings To Discover Card Offer

  • Amazon customers can change their 1-Click default payment method to an eligible Discover card in order to claim $10 statement credit
  • A must for customers who have a Discover credit card (please note this card offer is not associated with promotion)
  • Changing the 1-click setting should take less than 30 seconds

In order to take advantage of this promotion use a Discover card as the default 1-Click payment method at and the customer should receive a $10 savings on their next eligible  Please note this promotional offer is available only to customers who were shown an advertisement for the 1-Click default payment and to purchases made with an eligible Discover card.

Amazon Change 1-Click Settings To Discover Card Offer

Once customers have successfully added their Discover credit card to the 1-Click payment method at they will receive a confirmation email.  The confirmation email will provide instructions on who to redeem the $10 credit.

Tips to getting the offer

  • Turn off 1 click settings if it is enabled (change the credit card on file to something other than Discover first)
  • Keep refreshing the home page until the offer loads (also try closing/reopening the app)
  • Once the 1-Click offer appears click the offer and follow the prompts

Amazon Change 1-Click Settings Discover Card Promotional Notes

  • Amazon customers will be asked to confirm their billing address or update the billing address (please use the same billing address as associated with the Discover credit card)
  • The $10 credit will be applied to the customers account
  • To redeem the $10 credit the customer must make a purchase with the Discover credit card they just added

This offer applies only to the purchase of eligible items made with an eligible Discover card and requires an account. reserves the right to modify or terminate the Amazon Change 1-Click Settings To Discover Card Offer at any time. 

Any questions in regards to the Discover credit card one-click offer can be directed to at toll-free 1-888-280-4331.



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