Enter Newport PayDay Slot Instant Win Game 2019 – Win $25,000 Cash

Newport PayDay Slot Instant Win Game

Newport PayDay Slot

Newport PayDay Slot Instant Win Game Entry Instructions

  1. Visit www.newport-pleasure.com
  2. Confirm you are 21 years of age or older
  3. Log in to the customers account with the Newport Customer PIN and password
  4. Click on any one image of your choice from among the six images displayed
  5. When you complete the game, you will get the on-screen message whether or not you won a prize in the Game

Please note those who do not have a Newport Pleasure account will have to register for one in order to enter the 2019 Newport PayDay Slot Instant Win Game.

In order to register for a Newport Pleasure account, the customer must provide their name, address, phone number, date of birth, and email address.

Newport PayDay Slot Instant Win Game Prizes?

  • (3) Grand Prizes: $25,000.00
  • (8) First Prizes: $1,000.00
  • (49) Second Prizes: $500.00
  • (25) Third Prizes: $100.00
  • (25) Fourth Prizes: $100.00 StubHub Gift Card
  • (100) Fifth Prizes: $75.00 Pre-Paid Debit Card
  • (100) Sixth Prizes: $50.00 Pre-Paid Debit Card
  • (100) Seventh Prizes: $50.00 Uber Gift Card
  • (800) Eighth Prizes: $25.00 Pre-Paid Debit Card

All Newport PayDay Slot prizes are subject to state and federal taxes.

Employees of R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co., R. J. Reynolds Vapor Co., American Snuff Co., Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Co. and/or their affiliates are not allowed to enter the promotion.

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