– FREE Pizza with Pizza Hut Rewards allows a customer to earn free pizza from Pizza Hut faster! Instructions

  • Talk your wife into allowing you to sign up for another rewards program
  • Assuming the runway is clear boot up the old desktop PC
  • Navigate to
  • Returning customers can log in while new customers will have to register
  • In order to register a valid email address is needed
  • Furthermore, the customer will also have to provide their name, phone number, and zip code
  • Finally, the customer will have to accept the terms of the rewards program

Optional Opt-Ins

  • Sign up for the game plan promotion by picking their favorite NFL team
  • Enroll in the Free Birthday Treat promotion by providing a date of birth
  • Provide a phone number to receive coupons via text

Hence, by enrolling into the Birthday Treat promotion the customer will receive a free treat on their birthday.

Furthermore, customers who go out on a limb and provide their phone number will receive some great money saving coupons via text message.

pizza hut rewards

Editor’s Pick

  • Sweepstakes: Enter to win a year worth of movie tickets!  A BIG YES for moviegoers.
  • DQFanSurvey FREE Dilly Bar: Not a sweepstakes but few things in life are as good as a FREE DILLY BAR!
  • TellTheBell $500 Sweepstakes: Here’s sweepstakes Taco Bell customers can really sink their teeth into!  Not only is Taco Bel giving away a $500 cash prize a purchase is not required to enter!
  • DGCustomer First Survey Sweepstakes: Dollar General Fan Boys will definitely want to enter this promotion as DG is giving away a $100 gift card!  Imagine all the gumdrops that gift card will provide!

Also, please note all of the above sweepstakes require the contestant to be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States.

Furthermore, any questions in regards to the program can be directed to a Pizza Hut customer service agent at 1-844-244-2552.

Finally, the Hut Rewards Website

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