$500 Gift Card Survey Sweepstakes!!!  Ahhhhh this sweepstakes is crazy!  Winners will take home a $500 gift card for doing nothing more than taking a survey! Are You Serious!?!?

  • YES!  Winners will actually receive a $500 gift card for basically doing nothing besides taking a super short survey
  • Must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States
  • A purchase is not required
  • Take the Snickers Hunger Satisfaction Survey

The customer will need to provide their first and last name, email address, and the state in which they live (i.e. New York, Alaska, Florida etc). Eligible Products

Peanut Butter, Almond, Crisper and Hazelnut.

So you’re not a fan of Snickers?  That’s pretty strange but whatever…

See if you can warp your brain around these promotions instead:

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  • KrogerFeedback – Winners will take home a mind numbing $5000 worth of Kroger gift cards plus some fuel points.
  • PalCares $500 Gift Card Survey
  • Talk to Food Giant – Another gift card survey sweepstakes.  Gift cards can be used at any Food Giant in the United States

Please note all the above named sweepstakes require the contestant to be 18 years of age or older. Promotional Notes

  • BrandShare is a division of IDR Marketing Partners LLC.
  • BrandShare is based at 1125 Lancaster Ave, Berwyn, PA 19312
  • The prize drawing will be operated by MARS WRIGLEY CONFECTIONERY US, LLC.

Any questions in regards to the promotion can be directed to Customer Care Department 1125 Lancaster Ave. Berwyn, PA 19312 or dial 610.993.0500.

Customers looking to reach out by email (the ideal way to contact Snickers) can fire off an email to:  Please include a subject line and a return phone number.

Hence allow up to 72 hours to receive a response via email.

Snickers is an iconic candy bar made by Mars, Incorporated.  America’s favorite candy bar consist of nougat topped with caramel and roasted peanuts that is smothered in milk chocolate.

Anyone who thinks there is a better candy bar other than Snickers must be delusional or born without taste buds!

snickers feedback

Snickers Rewards Program?

At this time MyMoneyGoblin was not able to track down a rewards program associate with the Snickers can bar.

Imagine how many people would join a Snickers Rewards program!  It has the potential to be one of the largest if not the largest rewards program in the United States.

Snickers Feedback Contact Information

Furthermore Snickers Fan Boys looking to write a letter to Snickers can write to: 6885 Elm Street McLean, VA 22101 United States.

Also the Mars Inc. corporate office can be reached by phone or fax at 703-821-4900 and 703-448-9678.

Hence any questions in regards to for MyMoneyGoblin can be directed to  Please give us 24 hours to respond.

Finally the Snickers Feedback Website


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