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The TalkToStopAndShop gift card survey sweepstakes are open to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older.



TalkToStopAndShop Win 500 Promotional Notes

  • Consumers can enter the Talk to Stop and Shop Customer Satisfaction Survey Sweepstakes with or without purchase
  • To enter with purchase the customer must make a purchase at their local Stop and Shop
  • Once the purchase has been made be sure to save the receipt as it will be needed to take the survey online No Purchase Method

Those who would rather enter the sweepstakes WITHOUT making a purchase can simply write to: “Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey”, PO Box 10430, Rochester, New York 14610.

Please include the contestant’s name, email address, DOB, street address, city, state, zip code, and telephone number on a 3 x 5 index card with proper postage when entering the TalkToStopandShop survey sweepstakes without purchase. Notes

  • Only one gift card prize is allowed per person per household
  • A purchase will not increase the odds winning the Stop and Shop Customer Survey Sweeps
  • This is a must enter survey sweepstakes due to the high dollar value of the gift card
  • Employees of Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC and their immediate family members are not allowed to enter the sweepstakes
  • Except where legally prohibited, potential Prize Winners may be required to execute and return an Affidavit of Eligibility, Liability & Publicity Release within seven (7) days of notification receipt to claim his/her Prize or prize may be forfeited
  • Any questions in regards to the promotion can be directed to


  • $500 gift card to Stop & Shop (please note this gift card cannot be exchanged for cash and can only be used at participating Stop & Shop locations)


  • Must be 18 years of age or older in order to enter and a legal resident of one of the following states: Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, or Rhode Island

Number of Entries Allowed

  • Limit of one (1) entry per person/household/email address per calendar week (each a “week”) per Entry Period, regardless of the method of entry

Stop & Shop Customer Service

Stop & Shop Customer Service

TalktoStopandShop List of Winners?

  • “Stop & Shop In-store Customer Satisfaction Survey Rules Request”, PO Box 10505, Rochester, NY 14610 (please include proper postage and a return address)

The sponsor of the promotion is listed as Stop & Shop Supermarket Company LLC who is based at 1385 Hancock Street, Quincy, MA 02169.  Lucky $500 Stop & Shop gift card winners will be notified by email or phone within 48 hours of the drawing.

Stop & Shop Supermarket Survey

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  1. I think your products are great and your prices are very reasonable. I think Stop and Shop is so much better than Shop Rite and tell everyone I see the same thing. However, I am getting tired of constantly bagging my own groceries. Every week I get at least one big order and have to bag my groceries so as to not hold up the line. I think some of the cashiers purposely mover slower so that I will bag and they do not have to. Leigh always does this. He NEVER bags my groceries. It can be frustrating.

  2. Have been shopping at Stop and Shop for years. I like the prices and especially the gas points.
    I especially like carrying the gadget that logs in my purchases and I can check out faster in the Charge it Line. I have a hard time standing in line and this is great.
    The store carries most everything I want and I can always go to one of the other S&S stores in neighboring villages if I don’t see what I want. They generally have it!

  3. I am an 50 year plus shopper at Northampton Stop & Shop. Mike Rinkie is the best manager you have had in this store in years! He is friendly…greets customers and is nice to the staff…I’ve observed this many times. He even brings carts in from the outside if the staff is busy doing other things.

    All the help in the Northampton store are exceptional. I’ve told mangers over the years…the reason I shop there is because of the help…many I’ve gotten to know over the years and know on a first name basis.

    One thing I don’t like and it is stupid…was cutting the length of some of the check out counters. A person with a big order can’t check out there. You probably won’t print my comment since I said this but I don’t care…I like the store and the help and will continue to shop there.

  4. I have been shopping at the Madison NJ Stop & Shop for as many years as it’s been there, and there is no reason for me to go anywhere else. Access from adjacent roads is simple, the parking lot is easy to maneuver, and should I need help getting heavy bags to my car, there is always someone who will be able to assist me.

    I have gotten to know many of the help on a first-name basis, and they are always very friendly and willing to advise me of where something is should I not be able to find it. Only thing I don’t like is having favorite people transferred.

  5. Stop and Shop in Newtown, CT has been my go to store for many years now. The staff is always helpful and upbeat. I have seen Stop and Shop constantly improve and keep ahead of the curve according to changes in what Americans are eating. I am very impressed with Nature’s Promise products. It’s a value added.

  6. After completing survey no submit button so a waste of time. Website not friendly. Store prices keep rising up. No coupons in flyer and no savory magazine. Get more disappointed at every visit. People are very friendly and helpful.


  8. I have been most pleased with my shopping in Stop and Shop. If I cannot find an item, one of the persons working in Stop and Shop helps me find the item. In comparison with shopping at a Key Food, Stop and Shop’s prices are better.

  9. First, your staff at 50 Windsorville Rd, Rockville, CT. Professional, competent, courteous, and sincere. Remarkable group. These qualities seems to be contagious among them.
    Second, product and prices…exceptionally good around this area.
    Third, proximity to my home.

  10. Stop and Shop of Rocky Point, NY is clean with helpful and friendly staff that I know by name. There is a wide variety of products and they carry most of the brands at other organic supermarkets, which makes it convenient for one stop shopping. The shorter checkout counter with the spinning bag rack is inconvenient for packing a large order.

  11. I like going to the Beverly, MA store as it always is clean and well stocked. It is also small enough for me to run in and out quickly while being able to find the things I need.

  12. IRE: Overcharged Store #537 (24926 Northern Blvd, Little Neck, NY 11362)

    Today, 3/10/18 is at least the second time I’ve purchased multi grain sandwich thins and been overcharged.

    On the front of the package in a bright orange/red sticker the price is clearly marked $3.99.
    The price (incorrectly) is rung up is $4.29.

    I did not notice this on at least two occasions until I got home and checked the receipt.

    Unfortunately, I’m disabled and can’t return immediately to the store for a refund.

    This practice of
    overcharging is at minimum, disgraceful. Perhaps the Office of Consumer Affairs should be notified.

  13. I shop at the Oceanside store on Atlantic Avenue all the time. I always find what I am looking for and staff is always very courteous and helpful. I love the weekly sales and I go on line and download the weekly coupons and save a lot of money. The store is very clean and well stocked. It is very easy to navigate around the store and find what you are looking for.

  14. Here, in Howard Beach, there are several Supermarkets to choose from and although Stop and Shop came here the latest, they are undoubtedly the best. The best, because the personnel are well trained. If you can’t find an item they will actually take you to it. The shelves are well stocked. In general, it is constantly maintained. A pleasure to shop there.

  15. My stop and shop at the staten island mall is the best ever! Neat and easy to access. Friendly staffs with smiling faces and ready to assist. Prices are affordable and vegitables are always fresh.
    Thanks for making it worth the while!

  16. I usually shop pond path. I love the glowing remarks, but unfortunately mine won’t be. The store needs to perk it up. The fish department is lackluster with not much variation of seafood. And usually no attendant anyway. Many new products are unavailable in this store. The produce dept many times, has veggies anf fruits on the way of past prime or , as in the case of some fruits..hard and inedible. The staff has to be instructed that stacking shelves us necessary but should not be in the way of customers shopping. Some of the staff, especially the women, are extremely unfriendly. Finally, self checkout. What’s the point if the scanners dont work??

  17. I love Stop and Shop, they have everything I need.It’s great not having to different stores for my needs, when I can find everything at Stop and Shop.The sales every week are good, I usually buy those,as money is tight here,so I do pick up alot of sale products.The staff there are all friendly,I’ve never had a problem .If I can’t reach something on the shelf,I go looking around for someone, and ask that person for help, and they gladly will help me.Winning this 500.00 sure would help out.

  18. i just love the always fresh fruits and vegetables also the pricing on the products are always the best i enjoy the fresh fish and the meats also the deli is great the employees are always friendly and courteous and very quick to help with any problem i have shopping at stop and shop for a very long time now and will continue as long as the service stays the same and there sales are the same every week i have even used there delivery service and the prices were excellent and the delivery was great and convenient i cant say enough about the stores they are nice at every location

  19. 70 Mendon road Cumberland RI 02864

    This is my store……………I shop there/banking 2-3 times a week…………..the store is in the need of a update……..dingy…….less than clean… carts are old and have squeaky, poor quality , dirty, and there are none of the smaller carts other stores have……….the whole vibe of the store is drab and it reflects onto the employees…..choice’s in foods are limited ………..managers/execs should check out Dave’s Market to see how to run a store ………I know it could be better…………. Norm

  20. I shop at the Ronkonkoma Shop & Stop #544. Store is always well stocked and clean. Employees are friendly & helpful. One young man stopped what he was doing to bring me to the aisle where the item was that I wanted. The Pharmacy is phenomenal. The personnel are knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful regarding any questions I might have regarding my meds. Helen is absolutely THE BEST pharmacist EVER !!

  21. There are 2 Stop & Shops close and I love both of them. The employees are so well trained & informed as well as helpful. Stores are so clean & well stocked. Attention is clearly paid to quality and variety of food and especially produce. Organic choices are available. I am 78 and employees are helpful, attentive and caring. Love your stores.

  22. I have shopped at the S&S for many years but at times your prices are a “little high”. I always try to get the sale items to save money. My biggest complaints are, as it happened today, is on a rainy day there are lots of carriages outside and none inside. Also, do you train the bagers how to bag. I can not tell you the many times that a young man will literally throw the items in the reusable bag with no concern so that he can go home. I always have to either bag myself or rearrange when I get to my car. For us older people who use a cart to bring our groceries into our homes/apartments the bags need to be somewhat compact and not bulging.

  23. Checked out through the 12 items or less station in which Troy was at. He was very nice and polite. Followed procedures properly and carded me as I was purchasing beer, although quite frankly I no one would mistake me of being under the legal drinking limit. I used a debit card and wanted money back. I keyed it too many numbers so we repeated the transaction and he was quite patient, luckily too the were no other customers behind me.

  24. Stop and Shop has to be the worst store around. It has come to a point where I will drive an extra mile to go to a competitor rather give s&s my business.
    The produce is not fresh, even when they take it out of the back. It is days old and doesn’t last more than a day or 2. The meat are precut at some factory, package with nitrogen gas and shipped to the consolidation center then shipped to the store. I wouldn’t give the ground beef to a dog. That too is processed at some factory then shipped in. When there is a meat recall, this is the garbage that is they sell. I could go on and on, they NEVER have enough sale items so they give you a raincheck. I need when Im at the store.
    I would do a happy dance if they ever went out of business. STOP AND SHOP SUX BIG TIME

  25. I have shopped at s&S since they opened, and prefer them over any competition stores that have come into town. They are not perfect, but nobody is. I find them friendly and rational about any problems I have encountered. Their produce and meats are as good if not better than anyone’s.

  26. I like shopping at your store in Monroe twp. NJ. The help is very helpful. :f you have a problem to find a item they will take you to the item. your prices are always very good. when you check the item in another store

  27. I would rather shop at a Stop & Shop then any other store around. We have 2 S & S in the area which is great when you are in the area of either and you need to go shopping. I have one complaint and I have seen it here before. I know it became a law we need to reuse shopping bags or we are charged for them. Ok we all grumbled about it. The money collected is kept be the owner of the location. It’s not used for anything the consumer has use for. My complaint, what law said the customer has to bag the items while a cashier stands and watches? I don’t think it’s polite or courteous to expect an overflowing counter of groceries to be bagged by a customer who is paying .05 for the bags and has no room to even stand up a bag. What are stores waiting for, change the counter space and make it usable and retrain cashiers about bagging as well.

  28. This morning I went to Stop and Shop in Newtown, CT. I wanted to buy a small package of ground beef, 80 % lean. They did not have any 80% lean beef. I then bought some other things, including a small bouquet of flowers. When I got home I saw that one of the flowere had a broken stem and it was held in place with a plastic tube. These people must be nuts or something. Why couldn.t they just replace the flower? My shopping trip ended up a major disappointment.

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