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Subway Listens Customer Survey

Take a short survey in regards to chowing down on a meatball sub and earn a free cookie coupon!

Visit to begin.

You must provide a valid email address in order to earn a free cookie from Subway.

The free cookie coupon can be used on any future visit but cannot be combined with any other offer.

Visit to find a Subway near you. Survey Recap

  • Take a short survey in regards to a Subway purchase and earn a FREE Cookie!
  • is managed by Subway
  • The survey will only take one minute to complete
  • The free cookie coupon MUST be redeemed within five days
  • Cookies are available in sugar and chocolate chip

Please visit to take the survey and earn the FREE COOKIE!

subway survey

In the finicky world of fast food, a customer’s opinion can go a long way, perhaps even longer than the classic foot-long sub from Subway.

In order to provide feedback (and earn the free cookie), the customer will have to provide an email address, the date of purchase, time of purchase, and the Subway terminal ID Transaction.

SubwayListens Survey Notes

  • Please note the only way to earn the free cookie is to complete the survey
  • The customer’s information will never be shared or sold to third parties
  • Subway may make hiring or firing decisions based on the feedback provided from the customers

All feedback provided by the customer via the SubwayListens free cookie survey will only be used to improve the customer service at the Subway in question.

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  • A BIG must for Subway fanboys who want a free cookie
  • The survey must be completed within five days
  • Subway reserves the right to terminate this promotion at any time
  • Customers who fail to take the survey within five days will miss out on their chance to earn the free cookie
  • Subway cookies are available in Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Double Chocolate Cookie, Rasberry Cheesecake, Rainbow Cookie and White Chocolate Macadamia Nut (subject to availability)
  • A must take survey courtesy of MyMoneyGoblin
  • Only one cookie coupon can be used per visit
  • The customer can take the survey as many times as they want to assume they have a Subway receipt
  • Subway FANBOYS will also want to check out the StayConnected page to find Subway coupons, news, and offers

Must-try menu items at Subway

  • Foot Long Meatball Sub
  • Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt (a big must for bacon fans… ask for extra bacon for a real treat)
  • Oven Roasted Chicken (a more healthy option for women looking to shed a few pounds)
  • Cold Cut Combo (not healthy but damn good!)
  • Black Forest Ham Salad
  • Steak, Egg, and Cheese Breakfast Sandwich

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Subway customers looking for more rewards should register for the Subway Rewards Program which will allow the member to obtain free food and drink for simply making purchases at Subway. Survey Instructions

  1. Make a purchase at Subway
  2. Save the receipt as it will be need to take the survey
  3. Access the Internet
  4. Navigate to (
  5. Answer all the survey questions
  6. Claim the free cookie coupon code

subway free cookie survey

Subway offers five footlongs at $4.99 each: Meatball Marinara, Veggie Delight, Cold Cut Combo, Black Forest Ham, and the Spicy Italian.

Subway on Social Media

Want even more rewards?  Sign up for the Subway MyWayRewards program.  In order to sign up, the customer will need to provide a valid email address.

Subway Store Hours

  • Monday 8 am to 9 am
  • Tuesday 8 am to 9 am
  • Wednesday 8 am to 9 pm
  • Thursday 8 am to 9 pm
  • Friday 8 am to 9 pm
  • Saturday 8 am to 9 pm
  • Sunday 9 am to 9 pm

Please note these are general store hours and exact hours may vary by location.

Subway Customer Service

  • Subway Phone Number: 1-833-778-2929
  • Corporate Address: 325 Bic Drive Milford, CT 06460
  • Email Subway

subway customer service

Subway Order Online?

They have you covered!

Visit to order your favorite footlongs online (we suggest the meatball sub or oven-roasted turkey!).

You will need to provide a valid credit card if paying for your order online (i.e. Visa, MasterCard).

Subway MyWayRewards Program Quick Hits

  • Customers will earn four tokens for every buck spent
  • Once the customer has earned 200 tokens, they will receive a $2 Reward
  • The program is available in all 50 states in the U.S.

Any questions in regards to the SubwayListens Promotion can be directed to the Subway corporate office at 203-877-4282 or toll-free 1-800-888-4848.  Subway customers who would like to reach out via U.S. mail can write to: 325 Bic Drive, Milford, CT 06460.


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      • Just had a terrible experience after finding the subway that took a long time got a foot-long ordered for ham and cheese and mayonnaise on half my granddaughter just wanted turkey and cheese on the other half then they tried to charge me almost 9 dollars for the sandwich have to charge me for two separate sandwiches no vegetables just a little bit of meat in a little bit of cheese and bread The girl was very nice and sweet but shy could not hear her in the store tried to go to survey filled out the survey information for store tying ID transaction but it kept saying something was wrong it wouldn’t let me go past it is his aunt Canyon crest dry cleaners Riverside California I will never return there they have a special right now the kids gave me six dollars asked me to go get a sandwich for them I only came back with 1/2 it costed 349 for three little pieces of ham one piece of cheese a squirt of mayonnaise on white bread very disappointed I do not want anything for free but I want a fair market value I ordered a foot-long that was on sale for 499 and it costed almost that just for half of a ham sandwich just ham cheese and escort amenities very disappointed the girl behind the counter needs to learn to speak up customers cannot hear her over the sound of the machines air conditioner etc. The prices are deceiving I could go to the store and buy ham cheese and bread and make five sandwiches for that much money which I will do from now on I am done with Subway for ever

        • call the corporate office (203) 877-4281 and ask for the regional manager in charge of that store… they should never treat a customer like that

  1. Picked up dinner at wal-mart subway in Okeechobee, sandwich was terrible the bread was stale and the roast beef was dried out. Young man making the sandwich was slow as can be. I am very disappointed. Lunch time is usually very good but not after 4 on Thursday. My husband and I both threw our food away.

  2. subway#4564-0 whitehall,mi. Always awesome service! Thanks Tam for making me feel personalized. You always have my subs started when you see me pull in, in the early A.M.
    Great attitude and humor!!

  3. Bianca and Jesenia waited on us at Spring Hill, Tn. Subway store. They were extremely polite and professional. We enjoy going to this Subway because of the staff and the excellent sandwiches that they make.
    Thank you,
    Dennis and Victoria Hamel

  4. Subway#7067-0 Sedalia MO. They can’t just put a small amount of mustard on a sandwich, even when you ask for just a little mustard they drown the whole thing. Our sandwich was ruined!

  5. Spent too much time trying to get to survey – not worth it. The meal I bought and the store staff were good though!

  6. Beef Wrap is SO good !!

    The veggies, the meat, and the wrap are all flavorful.

    May be my seventh one!!


  7. The curly hair man is so rude! How does Subway in North Hills still have him? Please the young ones are nice. Get rid of that sour man.

  8. We stopped by a Subway in Barstow, CA while on vacation and were taken care of by a young man by the name of Brandon. He was excited about taking his daughter to Disneyland for her birthday. He was bouncing all over the place taking care of customers, everything. If we ever get back to that Subway again I hope he is still there.

  9. I don’t go to subway very often .but my husband who has been sick wanted Ita
    sub .the subs were good .The reason I don’t go there is the staff are impatience and rush you thru and I don’t know what toppings and want a second to look and I get the feeling am like the worst this that could happen to them is that I have walked in the door. My poor husband has had his last sub because I will not put myself in a place that is rude and I have to pay this treatment I don’t expect a smile just not have rude service. So Sioux city ne

  10. This survey reward is very difficult to use. We just went to Subway on 6/4, I did the survey and it says the reward expires on 6/9???? You mean we have to go back in the next 5 days to get the cookies or drink. I think that’s expecting a little too much!

  11. You people that find the survey must be dumb! It was very easy to find and I get 2 free cookies next time I go in for my sandwich.

  12. Never had a bad meal yet, Plus they always have a great choice of salads & Meats’ Plus the staff are the most Efficient and friendly, What’s not to like at Subs at FREEPORT Fleetwood. 10/10

  13. I think you need to better clarify that redeeming something (for taking a survey) within 5 days means you have to include the day of purchase – i.e. purchased 7/4, redeem by 7/8 – which to me previously meant 4 days.

  14. I order almost daily breakfast & lunch, over the internet then pick up at the drive thru. I have never had a problem until the store I frequent got a new manager. In the past the workers treated me like I was special and always had my order ready in less than the 15 minutes the site says. I guess Myron spoiled me. The new guy, just today, when I stopped at the outside menu to let them know I was there to pick up an internet order, told me I needed to wait 15 minutes. Now c’mon, to make two sandwiches would not take that long. The order was ready at the 15 min mark on the dot from when I ordered. The new guy, in my opinion, does not appreciate those of us who utilize the internet, nor does he seem to appreciate my business. I go out of my way to use this shop, as there is another subway on my way to work, 1/2 block out of the way. This one 4885-0 is a much longer way, it is on the north end & I like to patronize north end businesses. Well, the one closer to work will be getting my business since I felt like I was bothering the new guy. I don’t get my receipts either. I guess they don’t want to give anyone a free cookie or drink, giving a receipt would make that a possibility. If this concern is truly monitored, the new manager confronted me regarding my negative survey from last week, he wasn’t threatening or anything, but I told him how I felt and he offered no empathy or wishes for me to continue at this store. Honestly, I’d probably get my ordered dropped or spit upon by the smugness I saw today.
    PS: I’ve worked in customer service going on 27 years, I do know a thing or two about the subject.
    PSS: Survey site seems to be stuck on last weeks survey, I couldn’t do the survey to put my comment in there, where it would be been more appropriate.


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