– Join AAA Promotional Offer (Guide and Review)

AAA is sending out promotional mailings tempting you to sign up for their services… but should you?

Visit now to sign up.

A already offers legendary Roadside Assistance but did you know a AAA membership also provides many other cost-saving benefits (many people had no clue they offer anything but roadside help

Roadside help services are something no one wants until they are actually in the situation.


Why on earth should you take advantage of the AAA offer?

  1. You will have someone available to help you 24 hours a day 7 days a week in case your car ever breaks down on the side of a deserted highway
  2. You will receive coupons to more than 100,000 restaurants (take the MCDVoice Customer Survey after visiting McDonald’s ), Movies, and Theme Parks (i.e. Six Flags)
  3. AAA will offer you travel planning services taking all the hassle out of getting ready for your next vacation to Gary, Indiana


Reasons not to sign up

  • You already have a roadside assistance service
  • You rarely travel or eat out (Visit TellTheBell after eating out at Taco Bell) Customer Service

Dial toll-free 1-844-559-0831 to speak with a customer service agent by phone in regards to this wildly popular offer.

If you’re already a lucky member simply dial member services at 1-877-374-5116 from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday – Friday (closed on weekends)


Customer Reviews (from real-life people)

AAA has saved my tail more than once as an attractive single female. I was once broken down off a dead-end highway in West Texas and AAA was there to save me from an old man who pulled up “offering” to help fix my tire… no thanks I said but he did not leave until AAA showed up… TOTAL LIFESAVER… literally!” – Sally Y Austin, TX

Not a bad offer… I could take it or leave it but my wife made me get it… I have come to like it and would not go back on it” – Carl S New York, NY


Bottom Line

We recommend the AAA Mailing Offer service if you don’t already have a roadside assistant service.

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