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DGCustomerFirst com Gift Card Survey Sweepstakes

We love a good customer survey sweepstakes here at MyMoneyGoblin and Dollar General is offering one of the better ones in the biz!

Enter to win a boatload of Dollar General gift cards via the DG Customer First customer survey.

To begin to visit and follow the on-screen instructions.


Tips and Hints

  • Dollar General employees are not allowed to enter.
  • A Dollar General purchase is not required and a purchase will not increase the odds of winning a DG gift card (related: TellTims customer survey).
  • Dollar General reserves the right to terminate or update this promotion as they see fit.
  • Contestants must use the gift card at Dollar General locations only and are encouraged not to sell the card on eBay (although technically they could do so).


DGCustomerFirst com

DGCustomerFirst com Highlights

  • Take part in the DG Customer Survey and earn a mind-blowing $100 gift card which can be used at Dollar General!
  • is operated by SMG (aka Service Management Group)
  • Imagine all the stuff the winner can buy at DG with that $100 gift card!  (the possibilities are endless)
  • A purchase is not required in order to enter

First of all the $100 sweepstakes is a must enter cash sweepstakes and will not require a purchase! Promotion Points

The Dollar General $100 Gift Card survey sweepstakes is open to legal residents of the U.S. who are 18 years of age or older.

Employees of Dollar General Corporation, Prize Logic LLC, and their immediate family members are not allowed to enter.

DGCustomerFirst com


What’s the bottom line? 

  • A must take gift card survey sweepstakes for those who shop at Dollar General on a regular basis
  • The $100 DG gift card cannot be traded in for cash
  • Prize Logic LLC will be in charge of the gift card draw and distribution to winners
  • 10 $100 gift cards will be given away each month
  • The total value of all prizes (i.e., Dollar General Gift Cards to be given away during the course of the promotion will equal $40,000)
  • Please allow up to eight weeks of the prize to be delivered via U.S. Mail


DGCustomerFirst Contact Information

  • Phone: 877-463-1553
  • Email:
  • Corporate Address: 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN 37072
  • Corporate Phone Number: 615-855-4000

Please note all feedback provided via DGCustomerFirst will be used to improve the quality of the customer service at the location in question.

Hence Dollar General will never sell or market the customer’s information to a third-party.

MyMoneyGoblin Pick’s

Dollar General Fanboy Pro Tips

Consumers who frequent DG on a regular basis will want to sign up for Dollar General Digital Coupons.

All that is needed is a valid phone number, and the customers will be able to redeem hundreds of coupons instantly at checkout using their mobile phone number.

Dollar General customers will also want to check out the Dollar General PEPSICO Reward Zone.

The PEPSICO Reward Zone allows members to enter codes found on Dollar General receipts and collect rewards!

But how do I enter the sweepstakes without purchase?

Here is the money maker!

No one likes to pay in order to enter cash sweepstakes!

Those who would like to enter WITHOUT MAKING A PURCHASE from DG can write to;

Dollar General Survey Sweepstakes,  PO Box 251328, West Bloomfield, MI 48325.

Also please include a 3 x 5 index card with the contestant’s name, address, phone number, email address, and date of birth.

Another note: a purchase will not increase the odds of winning this bird.


Dollar General Hours

Hours may differ based on the location but generally speaking, DG stores are open from 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Sunday.

Some Dollar General may be closed on Sundays in the state of Utah. Instructions

  1. Make a purchase at Dollar General
  2. Save the receipt (the 15 digit survey code will be needed to take the survey online)
  3. Access the Internet
  4. Navigate to the survey URL (
  5. Answer all the survey questions
  6. Above all enter the sweepstakes!
  7. If you do not enter the sweepstakes you will have a 0% chance of winning the gift card and will be left out in the cold upon drawing day 🙁

Most noteworthy Dollar General employees are not allowed to enter the promotion.

Also, employees, immediate family members are not allowed to participate.


Enter the survey sweepstakes with a purchase?

To enter the DGCustomerFirst Gift Card Survey Sweepstakes with purchase, please visit and provide the information from the Dollar General customer receipt.

Please note there is not a minimum dollar amount you must spend in order to win the cash prize and or take the survey sweepstakes.


Other Options

If your not a Dollar General fan or there simply is not one in your area check out these retailers that are also on the cheap side of the game…


Dollar General Coupons

Oh, yea!  The best part about shopping at Dollar General is the money-saving coupons! BOOM goes the dynamite.

There are no coupons associated with the Dollar General First Survey as it is a sweepstake.

Please sign up for the Dollar General digital coupon service page if you would like to obtain some money-saving offers. en español

DGCustomerFirst com on Social Media

Facebook: @dollargeneral

Twitter:  @DollarGeneral

Pinterest:  Dollar General (ideal for DG fanboys looking to receive budget-friendly tips, ideas, recipes and more)


Also, be sure to use the Dollar General Store Locator Tool to find a DG in any given area in the United States.


How many Dollar General surveys can you do?

You can take as many surveys as purchases you make. For example if you make 5 purchases in 7 days you can take the survey 5 times (you will need the survey code to take each survey).

Please note you will be required to claim the $100 cash prize with Uncle Sam if you are lucky enough to win this bad boy.


What about our Spanish speaking comrades? ( en español?)

Yes. If you speak Spanish please visit en español to take the Dollar General Survey in Spanish.


Finally the DG Survey Sweepstakes Website

  2. dgcustomerfirst com $3 coupon
  3. dgcustomerfirst com


  1. I shop at our new Dollar General Store in Caldwell, Ohio about 3 times a week.. The cashiers and customer service is great.. I have never had a problem, the workers are always very helpful and sweet.. One example, One of the ladies was stocking the coolers and I was looking for sour cream, she immediately looked up at me an asked if she could help me find something, I replied that I was looking for sour cream and she asked if I could wait and she would go and get me some because it had just came in on their truck.. I was very impressed.. All of the cashiers there has always been very pleasant.. I love our new store and will continue to go back.. Thanks, Cindi

  2. I love going to Dollar general , cause it’s close to my house..I don’t have to go all way to Walmart..and worker’s like Will are smart and curtious at the Hollis store, Heflin address..Me n my momma loves when the clothes are marked down!!

  3. I enjoy going to your store because it is close by. I went to day and were the egglette were the sign said 50% off when I got to the cash register it only gave me 2.50 off What is the deal that is so wrong in many ways. I went ahead and paid for them but from now on I leave every thing and walk out right now I am not sure I want to go back . the young lady was very nice. I am not happy.

  4. I have to be honest I always went to Walmart to meet my families needs and I moved to cowpens SC about 2 years ago and there was a dollar general about a block away so I thought I’d try it out SURPRISE DG is a one stop at a better price Thanks

    • I have never had a bad experience at Dollar General General. They have been extremely helpful and friendly with me when I have needed help. I have been to several Dollar General stores here in Huntington WV and have makes enjoyed my time with them.

  5. We love shopping here food and another thing, paper towels, cleaning supplies. I wish we would have one a little closer.

  6. I used to shop at DG in Retsof NY 🙂 but recently moved so now I have to resort to the filthy , unorganized, unstocked store in Avon, NY 🙁 (where one of the cashiers obviously hates her job).

  7. I am so proud we have a Dollar General. It is the most clean store I have been in and I have been in quite a few of them.
    Always friendly and helpful people work there.

  8. I am so happy that you brought Dollar General Store to our little town of Greenfield California and most of all you have a wonderful staff your manager runs her store very well and all the other do there jobs very well each time I go in they are very helpful and they’re doing their jobs very well I am so glad that you guys decided to bring a store like this to our little town. And that you guys think of the people that don’t have much money to live on in thses days that’s so in important to some of us theatre old. Again thank you so much for caring about the people and making us one of the town’s you put one of your store saying happy holidays to all of you and your families may God bless you and always keep you guys safe thank you so much two Dollar Dollar General Companies.

  9. I am one happy camper shopping at Dollar General! Now living in Arizona I have found out the difference between California DG’s and Arizona’s DG’s. Here in Overgaard, Arizona I am amazed of the atmosphere when walking into the DG store, the clerks greet and respect my presence making me feel special. Another fact that I am amazed about is that no matter what time of day it is the store is so well cleaned, and organized! DG’s freezer section as well as the refrigeration section is also clean without frost build up, so you know the items are not old! I love the variety of foods that DG supplies, and the freshness. Last but not least I love that I do not have to drive miles to a grocery store; (although there are two very expensive grocery stores here in Heber/Overgaard) to by ice cream and and get it home before it melts. Again, I am a happy camper and Dollar General you are much appreciated. Thank you.

  10. My daughter and I shop at Dollar General at least once a week, the associates and manager are very friendly and helpful. Sometimes or most times we go in for one or two items and end up with 10 or more, but it’s because the store has many cute and original items, we just can’t resist buying. Also the prices are very reasonable. We just love the store!

  11. Between myself , husband & son we shop about 3 times a week and love all our DG Stores that’s near our home in the county of Mobile ,Al. Everyone that works at the stores are very helpful & real nice…That means a lot to our family.They always Have name brand things & also DG brand too..All prices are reasonable…Thanks for bringing your store to all of us in county of Mobile, Al.

  12. I shop at Dollar General in Jefferson ,Ohio , they are very nice and they accommodate your need. The store is clean and the ally’s are open no merchandise in the ally’s . Thanks for getting the driveway fixed it was terrible.

  13. love our D.G. store .. we sure need a D.G.Super Store in N.C. please newton nc …catawba nc claremont nc …..conover nc ..thank you

  14. I shop Dollar General in Eureka, IL – I love the new store!! One of the employees, Teri, is the bright spot of the store. Friendly, helpful and always has seems to remember customers! All the employees go out of their way to help.

  15. Love Shopping Dollar General Stores But Some stores in this area simply needs more staff. For customer service and keeping shelves stocked and store aisles clear of inventory that sometimes sits there days on end. Also so I can push the buggy through every isles Love the prices

  16. I always enjoyed shopping at the Dollar General stores. Today I was disrespected by the store manager in Currie,NC. The manager refused to answer if an Item was a discounted price. When I asked the manger she replied “What made you think it was a discounted price. I had someone on the phone checking to see if I got everything and the manager told me I will take care of others and I informed her that I have other Items in my hands and put them on the counter hoping she sell them to me. The manager decided to wait on others and I informed her that this behavior was wrong and I left the store and purchased nothing else.

  17. Thank you for buying Dollar Store. My wife and I shop there frequently, and are always pleased with the superior quality of the products we purchase.

  18. Dollar general is my favorite place to shop. Why cause they have everything anyone needs that is a very affordable price. Plus if you dont know what your looking for the employee’s will help you find it and they have the best customer satisfaction! I love Dollar General!


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