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After chowing down on a Big Mac, Large Fries, and a Milk Shake be sure to take the McDonald’s customer survey online.

In order to begin simply head on over to and input your survey code to begin.

You will be asked a variety of questions in regards to your visit to include employee friendliness, store cleanliness, and the quality of the food (in other words was your Big Mac fresh and juicy or was it dry and stale).

McDonald’s Value Menu

If you are running low on dough check out the McDonald’s Value Menu where you can score some great deals for just a few bucks (or even just ONE dollar).

mcdonalds value menu

Some of the more popular items from the value menu include the Bacon McDouble ($2), Happy Meal ($3), and the classic McDonald’s cheeseburger ($1).

MCDVoice Survey Coupon

If you’re not taking the MCDVoice customer survey to earn a free menu item for McDonald’s you need to have your head examine!

Not only is it super short but you will have the satisfaction of knowing you are helping your local Golden Arches improve on their already outstanding customer service and quality of food.

To begin simply rev up your PC, tablet, or smartphone and head on over to

Upon arrival enter the required information and answer all the survey questions.

Doing the above will earn you a BOGO coupon for an MCD Menu Item (life is good!).

Failure to answer all of the survey questions will result in an invalid survey.

Remember this is not the Burger King customer survey (that can be found at

Free Sandwich Survey Instructions

  • Talk the wife and kids into going to McDonald’s for dinner (that shouldn’t be hard)
  • Use the McDonald’s near me tool and load the kids up in the SUV
  • Make a purchase and save the McDonald’s receipt
  • Hurry home and rev up the PC
  • Navigate to
  • Input the required information
  • Provide feedback
  • Claim the free McDonald’s sandwich coupon!

Furthermore, the free sandwich coupon will come in the form of validation code and must be used within 30 days!

MCDVoice Survey without purchase?

Hence, customers who do not have the 26 digit survey code can take the survey at

However, customers must know the McDonald’s store number and KS number in order to take the MCDVoice survey via the above method.


McDonald’s Survey Pro Tips

  • Customers will receive a survey offer regardless of the amount of purchase
  • So purchase a small soda to get the MCDVoice survey code
  • The McDonald’s Survey Receipt Promotion allows a customer to take a short survey in return for a free menu item from McDonald’s
  • is operated by the Service Management Group
  • The McDonald’s Customer McVoice Survey requires the 26 digit code from the MCD Receipt
  • Spanish speaking US residents can visit español
  • If you have made a purchase from a McDonald’s in the country of Canada read further down in this article

Furthermore, the McDonalds survey coupon code promotion is open to anyone in the United States who has recently purchased a menu item from McDonald’s and is willing to answer a few short questions in regards to their visit.

The questions will revolve around the quality of the food, friendliness of the employees, and the cleanliness of the McDonald’s location in question.

All feedback will be kept confidential and will only be used in regards to improving customer service.

McDVoice free food is a must for all MCD FAN BOYZ.

mcdvoice con

Free Sandwich Recap

In order to take the survey and earn the Mcdonald’s survey, free food free coupon validation code simply visit and provide the 26 digit survey code.

This code can be found at the bottom of all McDonald’s receipts.

Please note some receipts may not have a 26 digit code.

For receipts without the code please enter the McDonald’s store number, KS #, date of visit, time of visit, order number, and the total amount of money spent.

Hence, customers will only have 30 days to use the McDonalds survey coupon code. Survey Receipt Promotional Notes

what is mcdvoice offer


MyMoneyGoblin is the best sweepstakes blog!

  • TellTheBell – Taco Bell is giving away a mind-blowing $500 in the TellTheBell survey sweepstakes (McDonald’s should do cash sweepstakes instead of a BOGO)
  • Kroger Feedback – Enter to win $5000 worth of Kroger gift cards in the Kroger Feedback survey (customers will also receive free fuel points)
  • DGCustomer First – Win a $100 gift card to Dollar General in return for feedback.
  • MyBKExperience – Receive a free Whopper when taking the Burger King Feedback survey! Is the Whopper better than the Big Mac? Please leave your opinion in the comments section at the bottom of this page
  • TellANF – Receive a $10 off Abercrombie & Fitch coupon when providing feedback in regards to a A&E purchase.  Does anyone shop at Abercrombie & Fitch anymore?
  • MyMoneyGoblin Cash Sweepstakes – The Goblin is constantly giving away boat-loads of cash! Enter now!

Also, please note purchase is not required to enter the TellTheBell or the Kroger Feedback Fuel Points sweepstakes!

Hence, contestants must be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of the United States in order to enter the Kroger and Taco Bell sweepstakes.

If you’re a Subway chowhound check out their survey at Global.Subway.

McDonald’s Social Media

  • Facebook:
  • Tumblr:
  • Pinterest:
  • Twitter:
  • Wikipedia:
  • Youtube:
  • Instagram:

(Please note McDonald’s recently hired 200 people from companies such as Inc. and PayPal Holdings Inc. to bolster its digital marketing efforts)

McDonald’s Menu Prices

Here are some of the more popular menu items at McDonald’s with prices!

  • Big Mac $3.99
  • 2 Cheeseburgers – Meal $4.89
  • Quarter Pounder with Cheese $3.79
  • Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese $4.79
  • Bacon Clubhouse Burger $4.49
  • Buttermilk Crispy Chicken $4.39
  • Triple Cheeseburger (plain aka Little Jimmy Style)

Please note these prices may differ based on the location of the McDonald’s in question.

mcdvoice wifi
McDonald’s french fries are a thing of beauty

For example a Big Mac in Las Vegas, NV may be a tad more expensive than a Bic Mac in New Albany, Mississippi.

Must-Try McDonald’s Menu Items?

  • BIG MAC – no-brainer… only the best burger on earth… pro tip: ask for extra Big Mac SAUCE
  • French Fries – another pro tip: ask them to be freshly made
  • Sausage Egg McMuffin – for breakfast people
  • Hashbrowns – the classic oval-shaped hashbrown from MCD is a BIG YES
  • Plain Double Cheeseburger – this is what we call a Little Jimmy special
  • Plain Triple Cheeseburger – If you love the double cheeseburger you will kill for the triple cheeseburger!
  • McDonald’s Hotcakes – These golden brown flapjacks literally melt in your mouth. Rumor has it that they are made with Sprite soda!

mcd voice survey


Customers looking for more McDonald’s rewards will want to check out the McCafe Rewards Program where members will earn a FREE medium McCafe hot beverage for every 7 hot beverages they purchases.

mcd survey

Please note the following drinks are not a part of the McCafe Rewards Program latte, cappuccino, mocha, Americano, brewed coffee, tea, and Deluxe Hot Chocolate.

mcdvoice wifi

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  • McDonald’s survey

Any questions in regards to the MCDVoice customer survey can be directed to the McDonalds Toll-Free Number 1-800-244-6227.

mcdvoice quarter pounder
That’s a lot of Quarter Pounders!

Where to find McDonald’s Coupons?

McDonald’s Resturant Hours

McDonald’s are generally open from 4 am to 11 pm Monday to Friday, Saturday 6 am to 11 pm, and Sunday from 6:30 am to 11 pm.

Please note the above hours may vary based on McDonald’s store location.

McDonald’s Breakfast Hours

McDonald’s restaurants in the US stop breakfast service at 10:30 am Monday to Friday, while the time is extended to 11 am on Saturday and Sunday.

Some McDonald’s locations may serve breakfast until 11:30 am on Sunday if you are lucky enough to live in the great state of TEXAS!

mcd bogo
WHOA! Look at all those hamburgers! YES Please!

McDonald’s Delivery Service?

Yes!  McDonald’s offers a delivery service via Uber Eats.  Please visit McDelivery for more information.

You can pay for the delivery via your Uber Eats account.

Please note the charge will include the delivery fee, service fee and small order fee.

Hot Tip! If you are new to Uber Eats please use promotional code PTNH in the app for $5 off your first Uber Eats order.

mcdonald's customer.mcvoice survey

MCDVoice Reddit

For some reason, several Reddit users have created discussion in reference to the McDonald’s customer survey.

Here are some of the more subreddits associated with MCDVoice:

mcdonald's customer.mcvoice survey

What’s the Bottom Line?

The McDonald’s customer survey is a decent promotional survey but could be made better by offering sweepstakes to go along with the coupon.

Or make the coupon a true freebie (the customer is not required to buy a McDonald’s menu item in order to receive the MCDVoice survey coupon).

mcdonalds survey validation code

MCDVoice Two for One?

A popular question we get at is what determines the sandwich offer in the buy one get one MCDVoice survey promotion.

We reached out to a McDonald’s marketing manager and they said the BOGO offer sandwich is based on the time of visit.

So if you visit in the morning you are likely to receive an Egg McMuffin two for one offer.

If you visit in the afternoon you are more likely to receive a Quarter Pounder two for one offer in regards to the McDonald’s customer survey.

MCDVoice Reviews (from real-life people!)

The McDonald’s BOGO survey is a great promotion that rewards the customer and helps increase the customer service at the McDonald’s location in question” – Tall Tim in Houston

MCDVoice is a must for customers looking to earn a free McDonald’s sandwich… pro tip! visit in the afternoon between 2 to 3 pm to maximize the odds of getting a Big Mac coupon” – King Of The Golden Arches

McDonald’s needs to change this promotion into cash sweepstakes! Who wants a dumb coupon… cash is king!” – Manny Pedro Clemens out of Boston

“Big Macs coupons are rare and far in between. Consider yourself extremely lucky if you get the MCDVoice Big Mac BOGO offer…” – Chris Menske Miami Beach – McDonald’s customer survey

Do you have any suggestions on how to make the survey better?

Or would you just like to make a general comment in regards to the McDonald’s company?

Please use the comment form below this article! 🙂

McDonald’s Franchising?

If your interested in starting your own Golden Arches please visit to obtain more information.

You must have a minimum of $500,000 cash and you will be expected to purchase the equipment.

Pre-opening costs (i.e. equipment and intital marketing) range from $1,013,000 – $2,185,000.


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