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SoFi.com Review

If you have a student loan check your mailbox as you might be lucky enough to receive the promotional refinance offer from SoFi.

Please note if you already have the letter simply go to www.sofirefi.com and enter the confirmation to get started.

The SoFi refinance offer allows you to save money on your student loan via refinancing.

Fixed rates with autopay start at 3.49% ranging up to 8.14% APR.

Variable rates with autopay start at 2.51% ranging up to 7.89% APR.

The application will take 2 minutes or less to complete and the confirmation number can be found in the promotional letter.

SoFiRefi.com Pros

  • No hidden fees
  • The application is super easy and super quick (as stated above)
  • More than 50% of the applicants will save more than $1,000 overtime
  • SoFi offers Unemployment Protection which in addition to free job search assistance, customers may also be eligible for deferred payments

SoFiRefi.com Cons

  • NONE, Zero, Zilch

SoFi Customer Service

Phone: If you have any questions in regards to the SoFiRefi offer please dial toll-free 1-855-456-7634 Monday to Thursday from 4 am – 9 pm PT and Friday to Sunday from 4 am – 5 pm PT.

Mail: Student Loans MOHELA P.O. Box 1022 Chesterfield, MO 63006-1022

Email Customer Service

  • Customer Service: customerservice@sofi.com
  • Press pr@sofi.com
  • Corporate Investor Relations sofiinvestorrelations@sofi.com
  • Partnerships partnerwith@sofi.com
  • SoFi Money sofimoneysupport@sofi.com
  • SoFi Invest investsupport@sofi.com (SoFi Rates info available here)
  • Home Loans homeloans@sofi.com

Money Support (855) 456-7634 Monday – Thursday 4 am – 9 pm PT Friday – Sunday 4 am – 5 pm PT.

You can check out the full SoFi customer service list at www.sofi.com/contact-us.

Student Loan Refinance Final Verdict

The SoFiRefi offer is a BIG YES.

Not only is the offer super easy but you can save thousands on your student loan.

Please note you can choose between saving on your monthly payment or saving on total student loan interest.

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