WBU Listens Customer Survey (Wild Birds Unlimited)



Take a short survey in regards to a Wild Birds Unlimited customer survey.

Visit www.wbulistens.com to begin.

You should receive a promotional coupon once you have completed the survey.

Why in the world anyone would visit a bird shop is beyond The Goblin but to each his own.

www.WBUListens.com Instructions

  1. Find a Wild Birds Unlimited location near you
  2. Purchase some bird supplies
  3. Save the receipt
  4. Navigate to www.wbulistens.com
  5. The survey is available in a few different languages
  6. Operated by SMG

In order to take the survey, you will need the 3 digit Wild Birds Unlimited store number, receipt number, date, and time of purchase.


All of the above information can be found on the receipt.

Wild Birds Unlimited Customer Service

If you’re a big-time Wild Birds Unlimited customer you should consider the “Daily Savings Club”.

The WBU Daily Savings Club which provides 15% of EVERY purchase at Wild Birds Unlimited.

Plus for every $200 you spend at WBU, you will receive a $10 off coupon.

The only negative associated with the WBU Daily Savings Club is the annual fee which will set you back $25.

More customer surveys that pay (in the form of a sweepstakes entry or coupon).

  • KrogerFeedback (customers will receive 50 fuel points and a sweepstakes entry where they could win Kroger gift cards)
  • TellHappyStar (get a Hardee’s coupon in return for your time)
  • Subway Listens (get a free cookie bro!)


Wild Birds Unlimited History In 1981, Jim Carpenter, our founder and CEO, had a dream. Jim loved the hobby of bird feeding and loved the idea of controlling his own destiny by owning his own business.

If you would like to potentially own your own Wild Birds Unlimited shop please visit www.franchise.wbu.com.


Wild Birds Unlimited Customer Survey

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