Zicam Class Action Lawsuit (File Claim up to $50)

Zicam Cold Remedy Effectiveness Class Action Settlement

  • Class members can claim $6.16 – $11.53 per item purchased, up to five products (without proof of purchase)
  • Claims forms must be filed by 10/3/2018
  • Class members are defined as anyone in the US who bought Zicam RapidMelts Original, RapidMelts Ultra, Oral Mist, Ultra Crystals, Liqui-Lozenges, Lozenges Ultra, Soft Chews, Medicated Fruit Drops, and Chewables from February 15, 2011 to the date of the order granting preliminary approval of the settlement


Proof of Purchase Needed? (MUST READ BEFORE FILING CLAIM)

  • Class Members who are able to submit a receipt or other documentation proving they purchased the items covered by the Zicam class action settlement will receive the actual price paid
  • Those who are unable to submit a receipt will receive the average manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP) of the product for up to five items
  • Consumers filing claims for more than five Zicam products must submit a receipt with their Claim Form

Please note the Zicam class action lawsuit settlement was granted preliminary approval on June 5, 2018.  Zicam admits no actions of wrong doing but have agreed to pay $16 million to end the class action lawsuit.

Zicam Cold Remedy Effectiveness Products 

  • Zicam RapidMelts Original
  • RapidMelts Ultra
  • Oral Mist
  • Ultra Crystals
  • Liqui-Lozenges
  • Lozenges Ultra
  • Soft Chews
  • Medicated Fruit Drops
  • Chewables


Only the above Zicam products qualify for this class action settlement.  Any other Zicam products not named above are not eligible.

ZicamClassAction.com Contact Points

  1. Mail: Zicam Class Action c/o RG/2 Claims Administration P.O. Box 59479 Philadelphia, PA 19102-9479
  2. Email: info@rg2claims.com
  3. Phone: (855) 279-8685

Class Defense: L. Timothy Fisher BURSOR & FISHER PA

Defense Counsel: Robyn E. Bladow KIRKLAND & ELLIS LLP

The lawsuit is entited Melgar v. Zicam LLC et al., Case No. 2:14-cv-00160-MCE-AC, and is pending in the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of California.

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  3. Top Class Actions (hat tip)

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